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Rent Your Boat Out

In response to multiple customer requests, Ontario Boat Company (OBC) is now partnering with private watercraft owners on an exciting new summer rental program.

Let’s face it – boat ownership is expensive. Even after you’ve paid for your boat, you still have to deal with ongoing annual costs like maintenance, storage, winterization and general upkeep. What’s worse, most boats spend 90% of their lives out of the water waiting for their owners to find enough time to use them. Wouldn’t it be great to have a safe and secure way of recouping some of these costs?

Ontario Boat Company has a solution.

Watercraft owners seeking to earn income renting their boats now have the opportunity to take advantage of OBCs negotiated insurance rates and extensive client base through this special rental partnership offer.

How it works:


Rent your boat via
Ontario Boat Company.


Allow us to process and invoice
all rental fees for you.


Receive all payments for your
boat rental directly from OBC.

Option 1

Rent your boat from your home
Rent your boat from home during specific days you aren’t using it. Get paid 75% of all rental fees and remit the remaining 25% to Ontario Boat Company.

Option 2

Rent your boat from our yard
Allow OBC to handle all rental logistics from our pick-up location. Collect 50% of all rental fees and remit the remaining 50% to OBC.

Special Partnership Coverage Rates

$500.00/boat standard liability coverage + $2.00 per $100.00 in boat value coverage.

Example – If you own a 16” boat with a 25 hp motor valued at $7,500, your annual rental coverage costs would be:

 $500 + $375 [($5)[$7500/$100]] = $875.00 + HST

NOTE: Ontario Boat Company will deduct the insurance coverage charges from your first rental(s) meaning there will be zero up-front costs to boat owners who choose to take advantage of this special program.

Minimum rental requirements

All watercraft rented through Ontario Boat Company must meet the following standards:

Model 1995 or later – complete with all necessary safety equipment and in good working order.

Model 1995 or later – complete with all necessary safety equipment and in good working order.

View a copy of the rental agreement here

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